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NOTE: There are some changes occurring and buttons appearing. Ignore them for now, it is a work in progress. And because I went to the John O'Neill school for change management, its happening live.

Updates - I'll only keep a few here so don't worry.

Date Update Link
2nd March 2020 February Funnies! lazy link
21st January 2020 Tuesday funnies! Just trying to catch up... lazy link
20th December 2019 Almost Christmas! Also, probably wont be updating again till mid January... lazy link
13th December 2019 la la la la la, la la la la lazy link
6th December 2019 I will eventually get around to doing more PowerShell... i hope... lazy link
29th November 2019 1 week closer to christmas!!! lazy link
22nd November 2019 Hello puny friday funny list... this is what happens when you get busy... lazy link

A brief history into why this site exists

Why does this site exist? Because there was a case of someone having there employment terminated due to inappropriate images being sent in emails. I like being employed and I even like my job! Thus the website was born.

Anyway, about 99.9% of the images will be reposts, the other stuff like scripts or how to stuff I write for my own amusement. May all your Firdays be awesodary!