i am the funny


I like having this one running on screen to make it look like I am busy. It really just keeps running through some random code that you put in until you press the F12 button. It will stop after the current piece of code finishes typing.

A copy of the script is below, you just need to add some random code under the $typeme... variables. Or here is one I prepared earlier. You can also copy the script, paste it into notepad and save it as a .ps1 file from here.

#enter your code in between the this @' and this '@
$typeme = @'
Put some code here.
 It will retain whatever formatting you put into this space.
   Including tabs

New lines, etc.


$typemetoo = @'
Put some more code here

$typemeaswell = @'
And something else here


$continue = true
# press F12 to escape the loop
if ([console]::KeyAvailable)
  echo "Toggle with F12";
  $x = [System.Console]::ReadKey()

  switch ($x.key)
   F12 {$continue = $false}
  # have the final number 1 higher then your amount of variables it will include the minimum number, not the maximum
  $Whattotype = Get-Random -minimum 1 -maximum 4

  if ($Whattotype -eq 1){$chararray = [char[]]$typeme}
  Elseif ($Whattotype -eq 2){$chararray = [char[]]$typetoo}
  Elseif ($Whattotype -eq 3){$chararray = [char[]]$typemeaswell}

  foreach($b in $chararray){
  write-hostNoNewLine $b
  Start-Sleepm 50

Write-Host ""