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8th June 2020 I am only like a week late, that isnt to bad for me... nice for winter to finally start :D lazy link
1st May 2020 April Funnies! The most annoying narrative for me at the moment is that we have more time at home... I call bullshit! lazy link
2nd April 2020 March Funnies! looks like once a month is a thing... lazy link
2nd March 2020 February Funnies! lazy link
21st January 2020 Tuesday funnies! Just trying to catch up... lazy link
20th December 2019 Almost Christmas! Also, probably wont be updating again till mid January... lazy link
13th December 2019 la la la la la, la la la la lazy link
6th December 2019 I will eventually get around to doing more PowerShell... i hope... lazy link
29th November 2019 1 week closer to christmas!!! lazy link
22nd November 2019 Hello puny friday funny list... this is what happens when you get busy... lazy link
15th November 2019 MOAR!!! lazy link
8th November 2019 Thank you so much for black listing that Office 365 login url and ruining my firday morning... lazy link
1st November 2019 You thought i forgot.... didn't you... well... you were right! lazy link
25th October 2019 Just another frantic Friday! lazy link
18th October 2019 Apparently you can drink 10 cups of coffee with out it affecting your health, there was even a study about it... I have found my new minimum amout to drink per day... lazy link
11th October 2019 Small break due to business at work and life in general... lazy link
06th September 2019 Much smoll, very short, wow... lazy link
30th August 2019 Another month down! Getting close to Christmas... shit.... i better start finding some presents!!! lazy link
23rd August 2019 TGIF!!! nuf said... lazy link
16th August 2019 Small and a little late today, but look a that size of that script it is so big and impressive... well... not really that big, but god damn! It was annoying to write and get to work.... lazy link
9th August 2019 Just funnies today... lazy link
2nd August 2019 There is never enough coffee!!! Also, i will add some powershell later today... if you care... which i do... maybe...
Yay! I did! Follow the news...
lazy link
26th July 2019 Need more coffee... lazy link
19th July 2019 So, I got to drive to Binna Burra (in Lamington National Park) twice this week, it's a scenic drive... but 90 minutes each way! It is a bit much, especially when it is 2 days in a row... (this also means no time for new PowerShell, next week, honest) lazy link
12th July 2019 Blah... lazy link
5th July 2019 No new PowerShell today. I am working on a big email outage GUI which is just taking way too long! lazy link
28th June 2019 Is there such a thing as too much coffee? I refuse to believe there is... lazy link
21st June 2019 Another day another 10L of black coffee... lazy link
14th June 2019 Well, it is 27 ° Celsius, so I am not too far off, and you probably thought i was crazy! lazy link
7th June 2019 Finally! Winter has arrived... probably be back up to 30 ° Celsius lazy link
31st May 2019 And then I said; "It is Friday, let there be Scotch!" And there was, and I saw it was good (and tasted it was good) and was happy lazy link
24th May 2019 All the things, all of the time! lazy link
19th May 2019 More basic PowerShell, just follow the new. And another lot of funnies lazy link
10th May 2019 All of the conisistency! Plus another basic PowerShell page... lazy link
3rd May 2019 More funnies! And finally starting to add to the PowerShell stuff again! I am just adding a Powershell Basics submenu where I will be putting examples of things that I always seem to look up when I am writing a script. lazy link
26th April 2019 wu tang clan ain't nuthin ta... lazy link
18th aPRIL 2019 cURSE THAT capslock!!!!! also, march's funnies lazy link
7th March 2019 Meh to the power of infinity
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16th November 2018 Meh lazy link
9th November 2018 *insert, witty sarcastic and hilarious comment* or, as Stuart would say, happy the f@*k up lazy link
2nd November 2018 somthing something scotch something something... lazy link
26th October 2018 and i am back, i'm sure you missed me a little lazy link
28th September 2018 1 more week till holidays... lazy link
21st September 2018 Awwwwww yissss, all of the Friday!!! lazy link
14th September 2018 So, who remembers the Grant Hill drinks sprite commercials? They used to crack me up. lazy link
7th September 2018 Spring! Finally... but why is it colder than winter? lazy link
31st August 2018 stuff... stuff and things lazy link
23rd August 2018 And then it was finally Friday, and it was good! And as a bonus: Send Outage Email , new powershell stuff! lazy link
17th August 2018 So, i missed last week because of training. Semi decent amount this week lazy link
3rd August 2018 Too tired... something something sleeeepzzzz... lazy link
27th July 2018 Well, I exceeded my bandwidth last week.... that was fun... and websense/forecpoint thinks that this is a game site? Go figure... lazy link
13th July 2018 All of the things, all of the time!
Another new PowerShell script, computer info... well, actually there are a few in here. About how to get a list of computers from an OU, and stuff with you can do to the list.
lazy link
6th July 2018 Why do people insist on walking in a row down the street, taking up the entire footpath? And then, if you are walking in the opposite direction they expect you to get out of their way? I am sorry, that is not how it works. Have a shoulder check to help you learn how to be a little more considerate....
Also, have a new PowerShell script, cause I am finally getting around to adding more Finding a DHCP scope
lazy link
29th June 2018 All of the reasons! lazy link
22nd June 2018 And I'm back in business! This time I actually wasn't being lazy, I just ran out of space on my site! ... but I have been lazy collecting, so it is more like a normal sized update! lazy link
1st June 2018 And JR Smith lost the first game for the Cavs. Some of LeBrons over exagerations when getting fouled make me think he has been watching the Italians play football (soccer) lazy link
25th May 2018 Apparently it is national geek day or something.... but who cares? lazy link
18th May 2018 Something something ALCOHOL!!! something something... lazy link
11th May 2018 It's almost like I am on time for once... hopefully this is a good sign for the day... it wouldn't go downhill from here... would it? (All of the ellipses) lazy link
4th May 2018 I know I missed a week, but work has been busy. Thanks to Kerry's continuous reminders, here are the funnies!
May the fourth be with you! (it had to be said)
lazy link
20th April 2018 Wow, Toowoomba is such a fun and exciting place to drive to! 260km and 4.5 hours of my life I will never get back... lazy link
13th April 2018 Time to see how good the commonwealth games basketball comp is. Seeming as the Australia team is NBL players... Should still be good to watch though. lazy link
6th April 2018 ... I dunno... lazy link
29th March 2018 BOOM! Thursday is the new Friday! lazy link
23rd March 2018 Firday is the best day... lazy link
16th March 2018 All of my wuts... lazy link
9th March 2018 I'll have all of the potatoes please! Plus, I finally fixed the images for when it is viewed on mobile phones! Yay me! lazy link
30th February 2018 Yes, I realise it is the 2nd of March, but i am too lazy to set up March. So lets all celebrate the 30th of February! lazy link
26th February 2018 Yes, today is not firday, but i am making an effort, so bite me! lazy link
16th February 2018 Happy Chinese New year for whoever celebrates it... if anyone. Going to go watch the lion dancing this weekend! lazy link
9th February 2018 Sorry about the hiatus. Small one today, but it should start ramping up! lazy link
15th December 2017 so tired... is it over yet? lazy link
8th December 2017 Chicken wings, one of my favourite things, deep fried and then tossed in a bowl of hot sauce, with some butter plus vinegar and a little dash of cayenne, taste so delicious they clearly weren’t meant for flying, o-oh chicken wings. lazy link
1st December 2017 Christmas tree weekend! And if you had it up before today, SHAME! SHAME! SHAAAAAAAAME!!! lazy link
24th November 2017 So, i think it is supposed to be thanksgiving or something? I shall be using it as an excuse to eat all of the food today! lazy link
17th November 2017 bleh... lazy link
10th November 2017 And tgif... if you get really bored today, you can always check this out lazy link
3rd November 2017 generic pithy comment lazy link
27th October 2017 All of the meh... lazy link
20th October 2017 Woops, almost forgot XD lazy link
13th October 2017 Twice in one week... lazy link
9th October 2017 WOOT! Only three days late! lazy link
29th September 2017 cooooooffffffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lazy link
22nd September 2017 So, funny story, I got stuck out at southport last week and didn't post (though my colleagues believe that instead of working i went to seaworld to eat dolphins....) lazy link
8th September 2017 "pithy one liner to end the week" lazy link
1st September 2017 And i bet you thought I forgot... nope, I'm just disorganised! Also another small powershell thing: Creating and deleting files

NOTE: Was having issues with FTP on Friday so I think only about 30 images uploaded, hence no email was sent. But now you you to look at it on Monday, how exciting!
lazy link
25th August 2017 Yay for consistency! lazy link
18th August 2017 All of the things happened, so I missed a week lazy link
4th August 2017 Firday, firday gotta do stuff on firdaaaaaaaay!
lazy link
28th July 2017 Small one to finish off the month. lazy link
21st July 2017 Back once again... lazy link
30th Jun 2017 Last one for the month! And only a small one (6 pages) Also more PowerShell stuff Talking GUI, just a button that says random things and voices which is just a small one about identifying and choosing installed voices. lazy link
23rd Jun 2017 So, yeah, I have been a little busy... but i do have a new laptop now. Its not going to help me to post more regularly, i am just excited about having a new laptop.
Also another PowerShell script Space Filler (what could go wrong).
lazy link
31st May 2017 Last for the month. lazy link
20th May 2017 You would think that I would have more time when on holidays, but it turns out no. Especially when I need to teach people how to computer.
You know who you are...
lazy link
12th May 2017 No extras this week. We have moved offices and I have barely sat at my computer all week :P Too busy moving around boxes and waiting for very slow elevators! lazy link
An attempt at consistency has been made!
Some more scripting stuff
There is also reminders for me on stuff for GIMP but you can ignore that
lazy link
28th April 2017 Blah blah work blah blah busy
Should be doing updates more regularly again from now.
lazy link
22nd March 2017 Yay! Some other stuff! Though I am probably the only one that is interested in it. Enabling Powershell
I Am Working
17th March 2017 I will be adding stuff that entertains me to the site soon, you may or may not be interested. lazy link
10th March 2017 Smallish today lazy link
3rd March 2017 Just exepct these to come after lunch, I am not organised enough to get it done earlier lazy link
24th February 2017 Smallish one today lazy link
17th February 2017 Your mama, your mama, your mama... lazy link
10th February 2017 Some small changes to the site. If you run into any display issues hit ctrl + F5, clear your cache or learn how to IT... lazy link
3rd February 2017 Something, something, meh, something.... lazy link
27th January 2017 So, there has been much laziness by me, which is why I haven't updated the site. I'm sure you have all missed me brightening your Fridays.

Only a small one this week, hopefully I will be able to ramp it up from here, I might even refresh the look of the site.

lazy link
16th December 2016 I'll be consistent again, one day lazy link
2nd December 2016 Only a very small one today as I was busy sleeping... lazy link
25th November 2016 all of the firday (thats not a typo) lazy link
18th November 2016 I think that the best way to describe my thoughts can be found here lazy link
11th November 2016 Something, something Friday, something... lazy link
4th November 2016 I'm officially back, but forgot to email everyone soooo...... lazy link
28th October 2016 Oh my god, I am sooo excited... I mangaged to post two weeks in a row! lazy link
21st October 2016 Yes it has been a while, but I am back in business now baby! lazy link
24th June 2016 WOOT! 2 Fridays in a row people! I am on fire! lazy link
17th June 2016 Friday! WOOT! lazy link
13th June 2016 Monday again, small one this time. At least it is happening weekly now... lazy link
6th June 2016 I think it is safe to say I sucked at getting the funnies uploaded during May. I shall endeavour to improve this month. Until then enjoy these... lazy link
13th May 2016 Huzzah! First one for May! lazy link
29th April 2016 And that brings to conclusion April
500 images exactly for this month!
lazy link
22nd April 2016 added some wallpapers because potato lazy link
22nd April 2016 2 week's worth of funnies! Take the time to watch the molten lasagne, it may leave you hungry though... lazy link
8th April 2016 All of the Friday! lazy link
4th April 2016 I'm gonna make it, I'm gonna make it... I didn't make it... lazy link
24th March 2016 Yeah, that weekly idea didn't really last that long... oh well... Happy Easter! lazy link
4th March 2016 YAY! Some sort of weekliness... well at least managed 2 weeks in a row... lazy link
26th February 2016 ALL OF MY FEBRUARY! Yeah, so I have been busy working and haven't had a chance to upload anything, so enjoy in bulk... lazy link
1st February 2016 Putting this lot in January because of reasons... lazy link
18th January 2016 First one for the new year! I will try to be more consistent at uploading this year, but until then, enjoy these on your Monday. lazy link
24th December 2015 Something something Christmas something... lazy link
8th December 2015 Missed last week, so here is a midweek special for you lazy link
27th November 2015 Moar funny stuff for your enjoyment. lazy link
20th November 2015 Last week got a little busy, so I didn't get a chance to upload, so you will be getting double the funny this week! Enjoy... lazy link
6th November 2015 You thought that I forgot didn't you? Well I didn't, I was just busy pretending to do work... lazy link
30th October 2015 Time for the weekend dammit! lazy link
23rd October 2015 Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee!
lazy link
16th October 2015 Is it Christmas yet? Once again, let me now if you want anyone added to the spam list, or if you want to be removed. lazy link
9th October 2015 Back from holidays! Which means it's time to start collating funnies! I mean work, time to get back to work... lazy link
18th September 2015 What a fun week, and thank god its Friday! lazy link
11th September 2015 More funnies to help count down your time to the weekend. lazy link
4th September 2015 Lots of funny today to make up for last week! lazy link
21st August 2015 Hooray for Friday! And also huzzah for the funny! lazy link
14th August 2015 Short weeks rule! And also make me lazy at posting funnies... lazy link
7th August 2015 What do we want? A public holiday! When do we want it? NOW! lazy link
31st July 2015 Last one for July. Enjoy and have a marvellous weekend! lazy link
24th July 2015 Yeah, being slack this month. Starts bottom of page 10. lazy link
10th July 2015 Another smallish one. Hoping to get some larger funnies over the next few weeks. lazy link
3rd July 2015 Small one today because of reasons! lazy link
26th June 2015 Starts from the bottom of page 15. Hopefully it is awesome enough lazy link
19th June 2015 Ok, I have been slack these past few weeks and its only a small one (50ish images), but next weeks is going to be awesome so stay tuned. lazy link
5th June 2015 So... everyone enjoying winter? I sure am, now that it has finally arrived! Here are the weekly funnies. Enjoy! lazy link
29th May 2015 Apologies for missing last week, hopefully this will make up for it!+ lazy link
15th May 2015 Finally Friday! There was a slight error with the script I was using to create the webpages which resulted in the 10th image not appearing. Its been fixed and a page is up with all the missed funnies! lazy link
Missed funnies
8th May 2015 Small one today, but your lucky I put anything up cause I'm off today :P
Starts halfway through page 10.
lazy link
1st May 2015 Finally, 1 month closer to Christmas! In the meantime, sit back, relax and enjoy the funny. lazy link
24th April 2015 Moar Friday Funnies!!! Read, enjoy, etc. lazy link
17th April 2015 Small and slightly late funnies this week. lazy link
10th April 2015 And its April, yay!. lazy link
27th March 2015 Last one for the month, starts halfway through page 11. lazy link
20th March 2015

Later that day...
Added in June 2014, enjoy! lazy link
20th March 2015 Small one today. I'll try to upload some of the stuff from earlier in 2014 later today or over the weekend. lazy link
13th March 2015 Lazy is lazy ...
Promise to make more regular updates... maybe...
lazy link
6th February 2015 Enjoy the funnies, 5 pages today! lazy link
30th January 2015 Well its been a while, only a small upload this week. Hoping to get back in the swing of things soon! lazy link
9th January 2015 Happy New Year! So same old stuff but firstly...
New January funnies are up!!! There are some images of backgrounds but you will survive.
Secondly starting a new job so these posts may become smaller until I settle in, enjoy.
lazy link
21st December 2014 More funnies! Sorry about the delay, but I'm on holidays and don't really care lazy link
5th December 2014 Your Friday funnies are here! lazy link
3rd December 2014 More Star Wars stuff, just trying to update a little more regularly.
Page 3 added.
lazy link
2nd December 2014 More Star Wars stuff because I can
Finished off page 1 and added page 2.
lazy link
1st December 2014 Your Monday Star Wars bonus! lazy link
28th November 2014 Finished off November, YAAAAAAY! lazy link
21st November 2014 Apologies for missing last week, this week should make up for it.
lazy link
7th November 2014 Added in the pages for the first week of November
Only a small one this week
lazy link
31st October 2014 Added in the pages for more of October, pages 15 to 20 lazy link
24th October 2014 Added in the pages for more of October lazy link
17th October 2014 Added in the pages for the first half of October lazy link
3rd October 2014 Changed the site structure a bit.
I recommend refreshing the pages for it to work.
3rd October 2014 Added in the funnies for September
Only a small one this month
lazy link